As a part of our ongoing pool type series, today we’re going to cover freeform pools. Unlike most traditional pools, these aren’t long and rectangular like you’d see at a gym or recreation center. Instead, these are (as the name suggests) more free-flowing in shape.

They have a relaxed, rolling look, and they don’t have sharp corners. They’re curved, irregularly shaped and they fit any size or space. Freeform pools typically have natural rock, flagstone or rolled beams around the perimeter, and are decorated with rock features and pavers for an even more “natural” look and feel.

Freeform pools are perfect for:

  • Oddly shaped yards – If your yard isn’t perfectly square or rectangular, a square or rectangular pool is likely going to look pretty strange in it. Freeform pools allow you to create a unique outline that complements your yard no matter how irregularly shaped it is.
  • Small yards – Freeform pools can be made in a variety of sizes, from little and compact to huge and yard-encompassing. This makes them perfect for yards on the smaller side.
  • A more organic look – Are you looking for a more beach-like, natural oasis? Then a freeform pool is your answer. The curves and natural rocks will give your pool – and subsequently your yard – a nice organic look you’ll love.
  • Beach-style entry – Along those same lines, you can create a more natural-feeling ambiance by choosing freeform pools with beach-style entries. Just like on a real beach, these have a sloped area that leads right into the water. Lay on it and get a tan, or just sit down and dip your toes in the water.

Freeform pools are some of our more popular pool designs. To get a custom quote for a freeform pool on your property, contact Blue Haven Pools today.

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