Inground Pool Pricing

If you’re looking to purchase an inground pool, knowing how much it will cost is likely high on your priority list. And if you’ve found this page, you are probably looking for this information yourself. Blue Haven is happy to get the process started by providing you with a free consultation at your home. One of our designers that lives near you will create an exact, customized quote for a pool designed uniquely for your property.

When a Blue Haven designer comes to your home to provide an estimate, he or she will ask all the questions needed to craft your perfect pool and create an accurate quote. You can rest assured knowing that your pool will be as personalized as you want, and you won’t be surprised by unexpected fees or changes.

During an in-home consultation, in addition to learning about pool prices, you will learn about our many exclusive Blue Haven SmartFeaturesTM technologies that can make pool maintenance easier (and in some cases automated) and reduce your long term costs.

If you are ready to learn about inground pool pricing in your area, contact your local Blue Haven office. Our professionals can inform you of basic cost information unique to your area and then work with you to create the best possible backyard haven that still fits into your budget.

Many people go looking online for inground pool prices and may be frustrated when they don’t find the information they are after. But serious and honest inground pool installers cannot provide this information accurately without actually seeing the location where the pool will be installed. If you find someone willing to give a quote before seeing the property, you can expect to be hit with many hidden additional costs once construction is underway. Sight unseen estimates are guesswork at best.

Why doesn’t Blue Haven offer estimates over the phone or over email? It’s simple. A concrete inground pool isn’t an off the shelf or premanufactured item with a set base cost. Even the simplest inground pool is a custom construction project with many stages, facets, and variables, and every situation is different. Variables include the layout, slope, and even soil makeup of your backyard. We also must take into account what equipment is available in your area and how accessible your backyard is for that equipment. These are some of the reasons why it takes an honest, professional designer conducting an in-person consultation to determine inground pool pricing. This policy extends to the model pools you see on this site as well as to situations where you may know the exact dimensions you want.

Shopping for an aboveground pool is like shopping for a manufactured home. There are a range of options with fairly set prices. Buy the materials, pay the installer, and that’s it. But shopping for an inground pool is more akin to building a custom home. The product is better overall, and the costs are much more dependent on location and specifications and materials desired.

If you’re looking for inground pool prices and want a reliable and thorough quote, contact your local Blue Haven office today!